• Our history

    Welcome to HORUS, a name synonymous with excellence in jewelry. Since our inception in 2020 as a virtual brand, we have been passionately dedicated to the development and design of the highest quality jewelry. We are proud to offer an exceptional range of 18K gold and precious stone jewellery, designed to last forever.

    At HORUS, we don't just create jewelry, we create memories that last a lifetime. Each piece that leaves our workshop is a masterpiece, handcrafted with love and dedication by our skilled goldsmiths. We value craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece of jewelry is a unique expression of beauty and elegance.

    Our designs are a perfect fusion between the modern and the timeless, perfect for any occasion. Each piece is unique and carries our distinctive style, reflecting the passion we put into each creation. We pride ourselves on offering jewelry that becomes family treasures, passing down stories and emotions from generation to generation.

  • Originally from Santander, HORUS has an accumulated experience of 25 years in the jewelry industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation has led us to open our first physical store on August 31, 2021, marking a milestone in our journey. We are excited to share our love of jewelry with you, our dear customers.

    At HORUS, we don't just sell jewelry; we sell dreams, passion and commitment. Join us on this exciting journey into beauty and timeless elegance. Let us be a part of your special moments and help create memories that will last a lifetime.

    Thank you for choosing HORUS JEWELRY!